General Liability Insurance in Midland, Texas

General Liability Insurance

Although securing general liability insurance is not required in Texas, it’s a wise decision for business owners. It can typically cover losses arising from actual or alleged bodily injury, property damage or personal injury on your business premises or arising from your operations. 

Accidents can happen at any time, as can lawsuits against your business. General liability insurance can serve as a financial safety net if costly claims are made against your business or employees. The professionals at InsureAll of West Texas can assess your business and its unique risks to ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected. Call our team at 432-848-3055 or fill out an online quote form to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance covers lawsuits and accidents related to non-professional negligent acts. This coverage helps protect your business against accidents on company property and helps bear the burden of a lawsuit or accident-related expenses. 

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability insurance can typically provide the following types of coverage: 

  • Bodily injury covers medical expenses, loss of services and legal fees related to a third-party injury on the property.
  • Property damage covers physical damage to property of others or the loss of use of that property.
  • Personal and advertising injury covers personal and advertising injuries such as libel, slander, copyright infringement and invasion of privacy.
  • Products liability protects your company against lawsuits from product-related injury or accidents.
  • Contractual liability extends to any liability you may assume by entering into a variety of contracts.
  • Products-completed operations coverage provides liability protection (e.g., damages and legal expenses) if an injury resulted from something your business made or service your company provided.

    There are additional coverages that may be ideal for your industry or operations. The insurance professionals at InsureAll of West Texas can review your business exposures and tailor coverage, so your company is prepared for injury or damage claims. 

    Who Needs General Liability Insurance?

    For protection against the unexpected, everyone needs general liability insurance that goes for businesses as well. An unexpected lawsuit can destroy a company that isn’t financially prepared for it. General liability insurance is essential if your business has a location open to the public or works closely with customers or clients. Those are significant risks to businesses. Additionally, general liability insurance is a good idea if your business handles client property or rents/owns commercial property. 

    The InsureAll of West Texas team has over 50 years of combined insurance experience and is committed to finding you the coverage you can afford and depend on. To get started, call our experienced insurance professionals at 432-848-3055 today or fill out an online quote.

    Let us use our knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the best, most reasonable coverage.