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As the temperatures begin to drop, those living in cold-weather climates may start to worry about driving in snow and ice. Even if you have four-wheel or all-wheel drive, your traction is only as good as your tires and how well they grip the road. READ MORE >>

If you’ve ever driven into a gas station and had a moment of forgetfulness, wondering which side your gas tank is on, you’re probably not alone. Whether you’re in a rental car or just feeling a little confused in a car you’ve had for years, you can spare yourself from having to circle the car around to the other side. READ MORE >>

Knowing how to build a fire in the fireplace can be helpful information on a cold winter’s night. If you’ve never started a fire in a fireplace, here’s how to get started. What Supplies You Need to Build a Fire Extra-long wooden safety strike matches: The longer the better; their length may help prevent you from singeing your fingers. READ MORE >>

  Unlike a brand new vehicle, pre-owned cars can have a history of accidents or mechanical issues. Unfortunately, some sellers of used vehicles may tamper with the cars in an effort to conceal certain problems. READ MORE >>

What to Do When Selling Your Motorcycle   Motorcycle owners sometimes come to a time when they need to sell their beloved bike. Selling a motorcycle can be challenging, but you can help minimize that stress through research and preparation. READ MORE >>

  Cute and playful are some words that many people associate with squirrels. But, just as these critters can be innocent, they can become a nuisance if they make their way inside your home. These tips can help you prevent squirrels from entering your home, and show you what steps to take if you suspect one has already made its way inside. READ MORE >>

  You’ve likely heard that you should save for retirement when you’re young. But, if you have student loans, paying off your debt may also be a goal. What should you prioritize? Should you pay off student loans or save for retirement? READ MORE >>

Depending on the severity of a storm, hail can be either a minor event or cause significant damage. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), hailstones fall from 30,000 feet high, reaching up to 120 mph before they hit the ground. READ MORE >>

Whether you’re just starting to think about buying your first home or you’re already going to open houses, purchasing your first home is a big deal. The homebuying process can feel daunting for a first-time homebuyer, but you can do a few things to get ready. READ MORE >>

When you’re searching for a new apartment, it can be tempting to jump for the first place that catches your eye. But it’s important that you take your time, do your research and make sure that the rental is an all-around right choice — especially if you’re planning to live there for awhile. READ MORE >>

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